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Published by: Navaratnam Raveendran on 21-Apr-16
Massive Passive Income: What are the Differences between WordPress and WordPress MU?

Wordpress is the free, wildly popular blogging platform that millions of bloggers use to power their blogs. Many web hosts offer a quick install script for Wordpress that will allow you to have a blog set up and ready to receive fresh content in about 10 minutes or less.

Wordpress MU, with the MU standing for multi-user, used to be a separately developed solution for setting up a network of blogs which allowed blogs to have multiple users each with their own dashboard and theme. But since the launch of Wordpress version 3.0, all of the functionality of Wordpress MU that was once separate has now been folded into the basic Wordpress software. So, now there really is no difference between Wordpress and Wordpress MU as they are now one and the same product.

For a classic example of Wordpress MU, take a look at It represents a single install of the Wordpress software that allows you to run hundreds or even thousands of separate blogs. Wordpress MU is often used by newspapers, magazines and blog networks. It's also a great solution for schools and universities as well as small or big companies that want to set up public or private blogging networks. The beauty of the system is that administrators can perform management tasks on a site-wide basis on a single login to the main dashboard.

Can you see now how amazing this is for marketers who previously had to install a new instance of Wordpress for each separate blog? That meant logging in and logging out of each blog, doing the same maintenance tasks such as database backups and managing plug-ins over and over. Imagine if you wanted to set up a network of niche blogs on various topics. Traditionally, you?d set up each blog, set up the Adsense or whatever ad network you were using, create the content and then move on to the next one. It's a labor-intensive process that is now obsolete thanks to Massive Passive Profits.

Massive Passive Profits is a mass deploy autoblogging system that allows users to automate the set up and content generation of wordpress multiuser sites. But isn't autoblogging an easy way to get your site banned? Absolutely not. Autoblogging, if done correctly can automate the creation of niche blogs which aggregate content on a particular topic that people are searching for. When they land on your blog they will find the information that they were looking for, along with some ads selected to appeal to your niche target market.

Autoblogging takes the sweat out of setting up and maintaining a blog network and puts this lucrative, passive income opportunity within the reach of many more people. If you've been running a bunch of blogs the traditional way that is painstakingly researching and writing the content yourself, or hiring a freelancer to do it, you know that this method is time consuming and expensive on the front end.



But with Massive Passive Profits you install Wordpress just once, and then very quickly set up as many niche blogs in your network as you want. You'll set them and then forget them and let the autoblogging platform do its thing while you turn your attention to other profitable projects. Republished with author's permission by Navaratnam Raveendran